Taxes for Travel Nurses and Allied Health Travelers

Black woman typing on her laptop with documents and coffee beside her

Taxes are something you’ll definitely want to understand as a travel nurse or allied health traveler, but diving into the topic may seem overwhelming. We have compiled some resources to help make traveler taxes easier.


TravelTax experts can explain how to correctly prepare and file your taxes as a healthcare traveler. You can be walked through the tax process by phone or online.


Input your information for state and federal taxation in one of PaycheckCity’s calculators and get an idea of how much money should be taken out of each check for taxes.


Kiplinger’s publications focus on personal finance and business forecast information. At the below link, Kiplinger breaks down tax brackets for 2021 and 2022.

You should always consult your personal tax professional for questions, but know that we aim to help make the compliance side of things simpler for you. When you apply to travel with TNAA, our recruiting department asks you specific questions so that your unique tax situation can be applied to your traveler profile. This helps us better customize your experience, ensuring we are transparent in the process. Read more about TNAA’s tax compliance approach for travelers.