Celebrating Healthcare Heroes #tnaacares

Healthcare Heroes

Our healthcare heroes are amazing, resilient, and determined people who leave a trail of inspiration everywhere they go. And they’re fiercely positive. And they’re overall incredible. We could keep going; instead, we’ll let you see them in action.

Laura, RN
Travel Nurse + Amazing Person
Channing, RN
Travel Nurse + Amazing Person
Ashli Carnicelli
Aesthetician + Amazing Person
Olivia, RN
NICU Nurse + Amazing Person
Brittany Garcia, BSN, RN, CPN, CCRN
PICU RN + Amazing Person

Celebrating Healthcare Heroes

We’ve always believed in doing things differently — that means always putting our nurses and surgical techs first. But we know, in healthcare, it takes a village.

So whether you’re a medical professional or had your life impacted by a healthcare hero, we want to celebrate your story!

Are you a healthcare hero? Has your life been impacted by one of these amazing people? If so, share your story on social media and be sure to use the hashtag #TNAAcares

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After COVID-19 needs are over, proceeds will fund scholarship money for nursing students through the TNAA BSN Scholarship awarded biyearly.

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