October 3, 2010

October 2010: Kristen Olla, RN

travel nurse stories

Kristen Olla became a travel nurse because she wanted to experience winter outside of Wisconsin. She was growing weary of the amount of sleet, snow, and ice storms she routinely experienced there. Just imagine inconveniences such as power outages caused by ice covered tree limbs falling on power lines. And, the treacherous road conditions, leading to vehicle spin-outs and accidents, would be enough to make anybody day dream about warmer climates. Even a simple pleasure like taking a walk or a necessity like walking ‘Pixel’, Kristy’s morkie, can be difficult.

So, in early January, 2008 she left her home for her first travel nursing assignment in Florida. She had no idea the path this adventure was leading her down would be so fulfilling.

After traveling for only a short time, Kristy realized she had a strong love for the coast. The wonderful sound of waves braking on the rocks and the spray in her face made her feel so alive and kept pulling her back to it. One of life’s greatest memories will always be when her husband proposed to her at Venice beach while she was on a travel nursing assignment in Anaheim, CA. They were married on Siesta Key beach in Florida six ‘short’ months later.

Kristy loves to meet new people and experience different cultures as she moves to a new travel nurse assignment. She says, “I have been so blessed to learn so much about culture all around the country. I have learned about some of the best places to vacation, shop, eat and work. Also, experiencing different Health care practices across the country has shaped me and taught me what works best for the patient.”

She is able to stay in touch with her family and friends by using Skype and Facebook. She does miss her family and friends when on the road but they love to visit when she lands a travel nursing assignment in an exciting area. Kristy says, “I am thankful my husband has been able to travel with me, keeping me from getting too lonely.” One of the first things they do when they move to a new area is find a church; get connected with the community. This helps us make friends right away and feel at home, at least temporarily.

In summary, Kristy said, “Travel Nurse Across America, my travel nursing company, has helped me explore new territory and I am very grateful for their dedicated work. I truly love the change and adventure that comes with being a travel nurse.”