January 24, 2018

Meet our Featured Traveler, Keith!

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Getting Paid to Travel the Country

Keith has enjoyed the adventures of being a travel nurse with Travel Nurse Across America since April 2015, and has been on over a dozen travel assignments across the nation. He says, “I got into travel nursing to be able to see the country. This way I get paid to travel, whereas if I had to wait until retirement I would have to pay for it myself. Also, I get to go more places for longer than if I would have had to plan for two-week vSchumacher__Keith_4x6_300_dpi_op_400x600acations.”

Keith earned his BSN from Mennonite College in 2006. He is a veteran traveler, and has been in PACU for over 20 years practicing in everything from endoscopy, outpatient, to Level I Trauma. His favorite perk about travel nursing is that he gets paid to travel across the country and experience many of the places he wants to visit while working and still earning an income. So far, his favorite destinations have included seeing Mount Rainier, professional baseball games in Seattle and Boston, the Cheers TV show set, Steven King’s home, the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, and the Busch Stadium and Anheuser-Busch Brewmaster tour. Outside of work, Keith enjoys doing things with his family like going to Disney World, craft festivals, playing video games, and seeing baseball games in as many parks as he can!