September 18, 2014

Travel Nurse Resume Tips

While there are rules for building a great resume that apply to any industry, there are a few that apply specifically to travel nursing. Here are some tips to building a masterpiece of a resume that will get you the position you want.

  1. Employers want to know you’re flexible. To show flexibility, be sure to add in floating experience. Floating positions will also display a well-rounded expertise.
  2. Highlight any of your nursing licenses, certifications and academic achievements or awards. Don’t forget to list volunteer work. Think of anything that will set you apart from other applicants and be sure to add it to your resume.
  3. Be thorough and specific but keep it concise. Be sure to mention if a hospital you’ve worked in was magnet, teaching, trauma, or any other kind of hospital. Include any specific contributions with employers or training programs that you assisted with.
  4. Keep your resume updated after each assignment and in chronological order. You never know when a great opportunity might come along.
  5. As with any resume, use spell check and simple fonts (this means no crazy font colors either). It may help to have a someone else proofread your resume. Print out your resume if you have to proofread it yourself, your eye will catch more once it can see it in a different format.
  6. Once you’ve added it all of the details to market yourself well, make sure your contact information is visible and easy for the employer to find. Include a phone number and an email address. Your email address should be simple and professional. It’s a good idea to sign up for an additional email address if it’s not.
  7. Keep it short. Your resume shouldn’t be more than a page. Even with a lot of experience, write concisely to avoid too many pages.

Your resume doesn’t have a lot of time to impress so make sure it’s polished and professional and you’ll be that much closer to getting the assignment you want!