November 24, 2014

Hi from Madagascar!!!

Sunday, 11/22

After 45 hours of travel, I arrived in the city of Antananarivo (Tana), the capital city of Madagascar on Saturday, 11/21. Since the ship is docked 8 hours away from Tana, in a city called Tamatave, I had to spend a night in a guesthouse with a very charming host family. The host family was extremely welcoming. My room was huge and we were fed a lovely dinner and early breakfast before I departed for the 8-hour bus ride to Tamatave.

I finally arrived at the ship, The Africa Mercy, around 5 p.m. today. I got my badge and room keys, and settled into my quarters before the evening meal. It made for quite a long day.

I will be working on D ward with Dr. Gary Parker, the primary Maxo Facial surgeon and the physician who has been on the ship for 27 years. I was told this is one of the best wards, and I am super excited. Tomorrow I am getting pre-hospital orientation, paperwork, some practice calculations, etc.

Lee 🙂