December 3, 2014

A Thanksgiving to Remember


This morning in Tomatave it’s American Thanksgiving. I woke up thinking of my friends and family back home, giving thanks that I’m where I am meant to be, doing work I am meant to be doing. It truly doesn’t feel like work, but more like the service it is.

Last night I changed a bandage on my patient’s head where a tumor had been growing for 20 years. It grew exponentially in the last 3 years, causing her much distress. When I removed the bandage and drain and had her touch her head where the tumor had been, it was a moment I’ll never forget to see her face light up with the purest of smiles.

I am learning the Malagasy language and try my best not to butcher it with my clumsy American accent. The patients, day crew and I laugh often, but I continue to try my best.

Today will be my first day in PACU. They were in need of a pediatric PACU nurse, and when they asked I said yes! It’s my year of saying yes! I don’t know how long this will be my position, but for now it is what I am meant to do.

This weekend I’m looking forward to a day off ship and the opportunity to explore the area and check out the local shops and restaurants.

Lee 🙂