January 6, 2020

The Travel Nurse GO List 2020

2020 go list

The Travel Nurse GO List 2020

Every month, every week and every year, travel nurses hear the question. No doubt each travel nurse has their bucket list destination, their dream facility, or new tech they want to try. And we’re here to simplify the process of discovering what’s next to come.

So, Where to Next?

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The next it destination for travel nurses to achieve their professional and personal goals. What areas will help them save money? What places desperately need nurses and offer untamed beauty in return? So as we welcome the new decade, we’re looking forward to where to travel next. We chose 2 main destinations based on a variety of factors. So, for 2020, where should you go? New England and the Midwest. And we’ll show you why.

Explore by Region 

Go 2020: New England

Go 2020: Midwest

5 Small-Town Destinations

In no particular order, these are our top 5 small-town assignment locations. We based our choices on a few things: affordability, small-town charm, proximity to attractions for exploring on your days off.

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  1. Carbondale, Illinois

  2. Ellsworth, Maine

  3. Hannibal, Missouri

  4. Hanover & Lebanon, New Hampshire

  5. West Bend, Wisconsin

5 Adventure-Ready Locations

Calling all urban explorers, outdoor enthusiasts, and travel gurus. This list is for you! We chose these locations based on their proximity to both unique cities and outdoor attractions. So grab your city guides, food tour itineraries, and don’t forget to pack your hiking boots, ski gear, and/or camping gear.

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  1. Lancaster, New Hampshire

  2. Madison, Wisconsin

  3. Middletown, Connecticut

  4. Portland, Maine

  5. St. Louis, Missouri

Soundtrack to 2020

From cross-country road trips to the soundtrack to your evening routine, we’ve got you covered. We’re including the medical content to keep you in-the-know, the most-talked-about crime podcasts, and the music that will keep you entertained. Here are the podcasts and playlists you should be listening to in 2020, according to TNAA Ambassadors.

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Don’t know about our ambassadors? They’re a select group of current and former TNAA travel nurses who help us grow our programs. They provide the necessary feedback for us to improve how we operate, the benefits we offer, and new ways we can simplify this industry. You can learn about them here.




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“I first found out about him in college when he put out funny music videos about the hospital. But he’s also got a great platform for talking about current events and problems faced by healthcare. One of my favorite episodes talks about what DNR means and how hard it can be for patients and individuals to keep those documents on file across multiple systems and their wishes understood. In this case, his guest on the show had come up with a solution to the problem. So not only do they talk about current events, but they talk about possible solutions in some cases, the ethics behind things we do, or don’t do.  But he’s got creative names like the Incident Report or Morning Roundz does lots of interviews and for the most part, is pretty unfiltered about it all which I like.” — Ethan, RN BSN

The Murse’s Station

A podcast by one of our very own TNAA Ambassadors! Felino, now a flight nurse, chats with his former ICU coworker and fellow murse about all things nursing. It’s candid, clever, and full of all the dark humor nurses will immediately identify with. You can expect to hear about whiteboard rants, feel-good patient stories, and of course, feces — or as they put it, “some disgusting sh**!”

Top Podcasts for 2020

  1. Sword & Scale: Our nurses love this podcast because there are simply so many episodes. Nearly endless listening to hundreds of cases and morbid events.
  2. Crime Junkies: Just 2 best friends breaking down notable true crime stories. Be on the lookout for a new series from their production company, Audiochuck, in 2020. Start here.
  3. Limetown: This fiction story is being turned into a streaming series starring Jessica Biel, listen first here!
  4. Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard: Lighthearted, funny, and irreverent, this podcast will help you pass the time while you count down the miles to your next stop.
  5. Absolutely Not: Be ready for belly laughs. This comedienne used Instagram to launch her signature characters and is now taking her show on the road. The best part? The listener hotline! Just like the best radio shows of the last few decades, listeners call out and share what they’re saying “absolutely not” to. Start here!